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The Research Starts Here initiative launches September 30, 2020. The Research Starts Here initiative aims to enhance how research supports and services are provided to Faculty at the University of Winnipeg. Please note we are planning a comprehensive Webinar to explain changes and to answer questions. Details will follow shortly. The introduction to Step One: Enhancing the Start Phase of New Projects Updating and enhancing our research support system begins with the launch of the Research Starts Here Form (RSH) on September 30, 2020. All Faculty applying for new projects will be expected to complete the RSH form at the outset of any proposed research application that will be loaded into WebGrants. The RSH form will be used to manage research applications from start to finish and allow the Research Office to identify and anticipate supports and services needed to assist Faculty throughout the grant cycle including pre-award, proposal development, submission, and post-award management. The RSH form is a mandatory first step for Faculty when applying for any type of funding. The RSH form will be loaded into Webgrants becomes the first step in the research cycle. Faculty logging into WebGrants will start new applications by filling out the RSH form. The RSH form will help the Research Office assess essential information needed to manage the provision of internal supports. This includes: matching funds, space requirements, release requests and grant review support. This information will also be helpful for Departments and Deans to also anticipate requests. As we launch the RSH form, our goal is to work with Faculty during implementation to assess the rollout of the form and to make adjustments as necessary. Faculty feedback will be important to ensure the form is efficient and captures helpful information. <Read More

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