Research Manitoba COVID-19 Funding

Wed. Apr. 22, 2020

The $5 Million Research Manitoba COVID-19 Research Fund

Manitoba health professionals and scientists are part of a world-wide effort to fight COVID-19.  Through ongoing discussions with their colleagues around the world, local health professionals and scientists are learning about the stages and complications of and treatments for the disease.  This Research Fund will help test these ideas, providing important information on how to better manage COVID-19 in Manitoba and offering opportunities for Manitoban’s to be at the cutting edge of testing therapies. 

This funding includes support for clinical research professionals who will work on five clinical trials in Manitoba to test treatments for COVID-19.  One of these trials is already underway - Dr. Ryan Zarychanski of the University of Manitoba is working on a new clinical trial to discover if an old drug can effectively reduce COVID-19 symptoms and limit its spread.

Through the Research Manitoba COVID-19 Research Fund we will also be providing the following opportunities:

Manitoba COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant:
This grant will support clinical trials, and applied health research related to COVID-19. Applications to this program are welcomed from Manitoba-based academics and will be completed via our Grants Management Systems 
Please review the Program Guide  for this call prior to starting and submitting an application.

Strategic Partnerships:
Strategic Partnerships funding aims to support areas of synergies between Research Manitoba, Industry and/or Philanthropic Organizations with a current focus on COVID-19 initiatives in research, health innovation and therapeutic areas. The objective of these funds is to support health research and innovation in support of a large trial, led out of Manitoba, that has sites across Canada and in seven (7) other countries around the world.  Research Manitoba will use our funds to leverage matching contributions from industry and/or philanthropic organizations. 

Innovation Proof-of-Concept (IPoC) projects targeted at COVID-19:
These funds will support innovative research projects from Manitoba-based companies who have expertise to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic and support long term job creation for these companies.

Research Manitoba will use an expedited process to review these applications and look for opportunities to work with federal and other organizations to leverage funding for Manitoba-led projects.

Please review the Program Guide or this call prior to starting and submitting an application.

In addition to the $5 Million COVID-19 Research Fund:
Research Manitoba provided $800,000, in partnership with Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) to support three Manitoba based projects, which are developing vaccines and new diagnostic tools and understanding how logistical chains are modified during a pandemic.

This news was released on March 23, 2020 in the Province’s COVID-19 Bulletin #29: