NSERC Discovery Grant NOI Information and Webinar

Wed. May. 16, 2018

NSERC will be hosting webinars for applicants on ‘How to prepare for the submission of the Notification of Intent (NOI) to apply for a Discovery Grant’ on May 22, June 19, June 21, July 10 and July 12. 

NSERC Discovery Grant and Subatomic Physics NOIs are due Wednesday, August 1st by 8:00PM (ET).  NOIs do not need approval from the Research Office, but if you would like Jennifer to look it over before sending please feel free to email anytime in the week(s) leading up to August 1st.  You can access the NOI at and the CCV at NSERC does not accept NOIs after the deadline.

As you begin to prepare your NSERC NOI and the full application there are a number of resources on the NSERC website and internally at UWinnipeg that we encourage you to take advantage of. 

Internally there are a number of successful NSERC DG holders who are willing to review your application, sit down and talk to you about the application process, provide tips for preparing the application, etc.  If you are interested in being connected to someone inside – or outside – your department please let Jennifer know and she will help facilitate this.  Craig Willis is our NSERC Leader on campus and he is here to help you as well. 

Externally, NSERC has some great resources that we encourage you to read before you start writing your application.  They are all found in the NSERC Discovery Grant Information Centre (  Here you will find resource videos, the peer review manual (read it!), selection committee information (including members), and the merit indicators used to review applications.

The internal deadline for the full proposal will be Tuesday, October 9th.  If you would like a more comprehensive internal review by a colleague we encourage you to have the application ready by Monday, October 1st.   If you are interested in being matched with an internal reviewer please let Jennifer know shortly after you submit your NOI.