Questionnaire Request

Thu. Jul. 7, 2016

The 2014-17 SSHRC Aid to Small Universities Research Grant Team requests your participation in a short anonymous research survey. The purpose of this questionnaire is to see what various constituencies at The University of Winnipeg know and think about programs we offer that engage marginalized communities. Historically The University of Winnipeg has endeavored to make our campus more inviting for inner-city and traditionally underrepresented communities with the aim of opening access to a university education. In recent years, the University has engaged in a number of initiatives focusing on "community learning", which refers to the active integration of the University into the social, cultural, and educational life of the community. Our questions address general knowledge of the University's community learning policy and specific community focused initiatives.

This questionnaire will only take about 8 minutes to complete and each individual who visits the survey link will have the opportunity to enter a draw for one of three $100 gift cards from Polo Park Shopping Centre (see the first page of the survey for entry details).


To visit the survey and participate in this study please click on the following link:


Thank you for your time and consideration regarding this extremely important project.