Upcoming Tri-Council Deadlines

Fri. Sep. 25, 2015

Below is a list of upcoming Tri-Council deadlines.  All grants *must* be submitted by 2:00PM on the external deadline date so that the Research Office can then forward the applications on to the appropriate funding agency.



Insight Grant – October 1 (internal); October 15 (external)

Connections Grant – October 15 (internal); November 1 (external)

Partnership Grant (Full) Support Letters – October 15 (internal); November 1 (external)

Partnership Development Grant – November 16 (internal); November 30 (external)



SAP ($500K+); SAP MRS; SAP RTI (Cat. 2 & 3) – I should have these already; October 1 (external)

RTI (selected internally) – October 20 (internal); October 27 (external)

Discovery Grant – October 15 (internal); November 1 (external)



New Investigator Award – November 23 (internal); December 1 (external)

‘Others’ – please inform me 4 weeks before the deadline date to discuss internal deadlines and materials needed