Knowledge Mobilization and Research Impact Hub

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Knowledge mobilization (KMb) is a term used to define the connection between academic research or creative works and organizations, people, and government to improve programming and inform policy change. It is a process of relationship building and can be initiated either by the researcher or the agency for whom the research will make a difference. Traditionally, researchers have produced valuable knowledge and creative works that have been narrowly shared among other academics in similar disciplines, either through peer-reviewed journals or at conferences specific to an academic area of study. Translating that knowledge into a format that is more accessible to a range of sectors is critical to informing policy change and advancing social innovation through engaged scholarship. Knowledge mobilization is a process and research impact beyond the academy is the desired outcome.

To learn more about knowledge mobilization at the University of winnipeg visit our Knowledge Mobilization and Research Impact Hub.

For questions on knowledge mobilization, contact:

Lauren Bosc, Program Officer, Research Partnerships