Research Office

Q: What is my research grant award number?

A: You can find your research grant award number for all internal grants, and for all external grants funded after April 1, 2013 in WebGrants under My Grants – Grant title – General Information.  If your account number is not recorded in WebGrants you can contact:

Heather Mowat
, Program Officer, Research Implementation, Ethics and Contracts


Jennifer Cleary, Program Officer, Research Development

Q: What is the university per diem?

A: Maximum claim for individual meals, including gratuities, while traveling inside Canada is $45.00/day:

Breakfast - $10.00, Lunch - $15.00, Dinner - $20.00

Maximum claim for individual meals, including gratuities, while traveling outside Canada is $70.00/day:

Breakfast - $10.00, Lunch - $20.00, Dinner - $40.00

Q: What is the mileage amount?

A: Mileage allowance is $0.40 per kilometer

Q: How do I book travel?

A: For travel which is funded via a research account there are two options.  You can book your travel arrangements via Out’n About travel and have the expenses billed directly to your account, or, you can book your travel personally and then be reimbursed. 

Out’n About Travel
204.985.9200 or 800.854.5552

Q: How do I claim for travel expenses?

A: You will need to fill out a University Travel Expense Claim form, attach all original receipts, and send to Financial Services.  If you are reimbursing yourself, a one-up signature is required on the form.  You must have also completed the Application for Travel form.

Q: Can I purchase equipment/supplies and then reimburse myself?

A: The university prefers that all faculty work with our purchasing department when ordering any equipment or supplies.  This is to ensure that all equipment is scanned and coded as all equipment purchased via research funding becomes the property of the university.  More information about Purchasing Services can be found on the website.

If you are unable to purchase something via Purchasing Services then you can either have the vendor send an invoice directly to the Senior Grants Accountant, Financial Services or you can purchase it and be reimbursed for the funds.  Either of these options requires a University Payment Voucher form.  If you are reimbursing yourself, a one-up signature is required.

Q: How do I hire a Research Assistant?

A: Before beginning the process of hiring a research assistant you should become familiar with the various types of RA positions available.  It is recommended that you speaking the Human Resources to ensure that you are adhering to proper hiring practices.  More information about hiring a research assistant can be found on the Human Resources website.

Q: What are Research Assistant Hourly Rates?

A:  This varies based on the type of student you are hiring (undergraduate vs. graduate) and their level of education and experience.  It is suggested you view the website and contact Human Resources for support.

Q:  Where do I find information on hosting a Visiting Scholars and/or Research Scholars at The University of Winnipeg?  What about hiring Postdoctoral Fellows?

A:  Additional information can be found at

Q: How can I access my research grant award balances

A: You can access ‘real-time’ research grant award balances by logging into our award system, Microsoft Dynamics NAV at  

Q:  What research software does the University of Winnipeg have an institutional license for?

A:  The following institutional software is licensed by TSC for the campus: SPSS, Maple, Qualtrics and SAS.  Many companies do offer educational pricing for purchase or upgrades, but these are handled on an individual request basis.  Please contact TSC for access to the institutional software programs, and Purchasing for any other program purchases.