External Research Grants

Research Office

The Research Office at the University of Winnipeg provides support to researchers applying for external research funding. The Research Office regularly shares information with the UWinnipeg community on various funding opportunities, reviews grant applications, and notifies researchers of grant competition results. The Research Office also supports the development of tri-council funding transfers and various external research contracts and agreements.

The Research Office provides support for researchers applying to:

If you are seeking funds from an external granting agency not listed above and you would like support, please reach out to the Research Office.


External Grant Opportunities and Deadlines

The Research Office endeavors to regularly update the Grant Deadlines and Events webpage to keep researchers up to date with various external grant competitions, internal/external deadlines, and other grant-related workshops.

If you’d like to subscribe to emails directly related to the social sciences and humanities, notify Lauren Bosc, Program Officer – Research Partnerships:

If you’d like to subscribe to emails directly related to the natural sciences, engineering, and health research, notify Lara Arnason, Program Officer – Research Development:

To find more information about external research grant opportunities more generally, follow the hyperlinks above connected to each granting agency.


Developing an External Research Grant Application

While researchers at the University of Winnipeg are responsible for developing their research programs and proposals themselves and/or with their research team, the Research Office:

  • Provides advice on external grant guidelines and instructions;
  • Provides advice on proposal budget and budget justification;
  • Provides advice on knowledge mobilization plans and open access requirements;
  • Provides technical assistance with electronic forms and funder portals;
  • Provides letters of support when required by the funder;
  • Provides access to successful applications from previous competitions, upon approval of award holder;
  • Reviews applications for compliance with external funder’s instructions, university policies, eligibility and selection criteria, and recommends adjustments.

Most external grants have internal deadlines to ensure that Research Office staff have sufficient time to perform a full administrative review of each proposal on the items above. These internal deadlines are approximately 2 weeks prior to the funder’s deadline. See the Grant Deadlines and Events page for current competition deadlines.

In addition, if researcher require a more substantive review of their application, they are encouraged to notify the Research Office in advance of the internal deadline, as the main review that occurs after this deadline is for compliance to the funder’s competition guidelines. The Research Office is also gathering resources for large-scale grant applications to externally outsource grant reviews before formal application deadlines. If you are interested in this, please contact us.