Policies, Guidance Documents & Animal Care Procedures

Policy and Animal Care Procedure

The Animal Care Policy and Procedures must be followed by all researchers conducting research using animals.

Animal Care Policy [PDF]

Animal Care Procedures [PDF]

Guidance Documents

Standards and guidance documents for study design and the ethical treatment of research animals are available from the Canadian Council on Animal Care.


All animal care certificate applicants are required to complete the online Animal User Training Program offered through the Nexus remote learning platform.

Additional animal users named on a certificate are required complete the Animal User Training Program before being given access to animals. Additionally, certificate holders must ensure animal users receive direct supervision until they demonstrate proficiency in animal handling and all research procedures, and indirect supervision (supervisor reachable in case of incident) thereafter.

Animal User Training Program

The University Vivarium may have additional requirements for researchers using their facilities or animal under their care. Please contact the Vivarium Director before applying for an Animal Care Certificate.

Contact Inquiries

For any inquiries about Animal Care Policy and Procedure, and Guidance Documents direct your questions to the Ethics Program Officer at ethics@uwinnipeg.ca.