Apply for An Animal Care Certificate

Applications for an Animal Care certificate are available on WebGrants. All applications for an Animal Care Certificate will still require a signature.  Please print and sign the Declaration form available on WebGrants. If Pedagogical Merit or Scientific Peer Review is required, please contact Ethics Program Officer at


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Application Review Process

Applications are subject to a two-step review process:

1. Review by the Ethics Program Officer

This review will focus on completeness of the application and any divergence from common animal care procedures. The Ethics Program Officer is neither a veterinarian nor an ethicist, but may be consulted on standards and norms. They will provide feedback and advice to the applicant. Agreement with the Ethics Program Officer’s advice is not mandatory in order to move on the UACC review, but applications found to be non-compliant by the committee will be rejected.

2. University Animal Care Committee (UACC) Review

The UACC will review applications at its regular meetings, held monthly from September to June. Under exceptional circumstances, applicants may request an Interim Review to be held between regular meetings of the UACC by communicating this request to the Ethics Program Officer. Applications found to be non-compliant will be returned to the applicant with comments. Unsuccessful applications may be modified and resubmitted for review following the full two-step review process.

Certificate Renewals and Amendments

Certificate renewals and amendments must be submitted by clicking “Add” in the “Post-Award Activity” section of the WebGrants file.

Regular certificates will typically be valid for one (1) year and may be renewed up to three times. Interim Approvals are valid for a maximum of 45 days.

Renewals and amendments may be approved by the UACC executive between regular UACC meetings, at the executive’s discretion, only if there have been no substantial changes to the procedures, standards or norms. In all other cases, renewals and amendments undergo the same two-step review process as new applications.

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