Dr. Jade Weimer

Religion and Culture

Jade  Weimer Title: Contract Instructor


University of Toronto

  • PhD in Religious Studies (2016)

Thesis: Musical Assemblies: How Early Christian music functioned as a Rhetorical Topos, a Mechanism of Recruitment, and a Fundamental Marker of an Emerging Christian Identity

Supervisors: John S. Kloppenborg and Colleen Shantz


University of Manitoba

  • M.A. in Religious Studies (2008)

Thesis: The Roots Of Early Christian Music: An Historical Analysis of the Influences that Shaped the Musical Practices of the Early Christian Communities

Supervisor: Kenneth MacKendrick

  • B.A. Hons (2006)

Major: Religious Studies

  • B.Sc (2003)

Major: Microbiology

Teaching Areas:

Early Christianity, New Testament, topical courses on Religion and women, sexuality, evil, media, and healing.

  • Exploring Religions: The Bible (REL-1003)
  • Health, Healing and Spirituality (REL-2513)

Research Interests:

Early Christianity, liturgical history, early Christian music, Patristic literature, Greco-Roman religion, Second Temple Judaism, cognitive science of religion.


(Forthcoming in 2016): Chapter 15 - "Music and Early Christianity" in the Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Ritual, edited by Risto Uro.

2015: Book Review of Carl P. Springer's "Sedulius, the Paschal Song and Hymns," SBL: Atlanta, 2013; Published in the Review of Biblical Literature, August 25, 2015.

2015: Co-authored with S. Michelle Driedger, "Factiva and Canadian Newsstand Major Dailies: Comparing retrieval reliability between academic institutions", Online Information Review, Vol. 39 (3): 346 - 359, 2015.

2012: Co-authored with Bruno Dyck and Fred Starke, “Toward Understanding Management in First Century Palestine,” Journal of Management History Volume 18 Issue 2, 2012.