Protected Disclosure Process

Protected Disclosure Policy Information

The University of Winnipeg's Protected Disclosure policy was created to comply with the Manitoba Public Interest Disclosure Act.  The purpose of the policy is to establish processes to facilitate the disclosure and investigation of significant and serious matters relating to the University that are potentially unlawful, dangerous to any person, or injurious to the interests of the University.  The policy is also designed to protect persons who make such disclosures in good faith from reprisals, within the meaning of the Act, and to protect the rights of persons against whom allegations are made.

This Policy applies to all employees of the University.

Wrongdoing, within the meaning of the Act and University Policy, does not include policy decisions, business decisions, or administrative actions, about which reasonable people may disagree. These procedures are not intended to be used to object to or challenge such decisions or actions.

Please read the complete Protected Disclosure Policy [PDF] for further details before reporting any incident.

How to report a suspected improper activity

The Director of Audit Services is charged with the responsibility to act as the University’s Designated Officer for the purpose of the Provincial Act and the University’s Policy and Procedure.  

Audit Services is also available to provide information to employees and discuss the nature of their concerns if the employee is uncertain of whether a disclosure should be made under the University’s Protected Disclosure Policy.

Supervisors that receive disclosures are required to document the information that is provided and then provide a disclosure to the Director of Audit Services as soon as possible so that the procedures required by the Act and the Policy are conducted consistently by a single office.

To assist in the disclosure process Audit Services has developed a Disclosure Reporting Form [DOC] which can be used to provide disclosures.  The form can be completed and either emailed or printed and sent/delivered to the Audit Services office:

Director of Audit Services
The University of Winnipeg
7th Floor Rice Building

Please note that all submissions or inquiries will be considered confidential.

What will be the next steps after disclosure?

The Director of Audit Services shall conduct a preliminary review of the disclosure and determine if, on reasonable and probable grounds, an investigation is warranted.  Regardless of the determination, the Director will contact the disclosing employee to acknowledge the disclosure, communicate the results of the preliminary review and explain the investigation process if necessary.

Investigation Process

The investigation process will be directed and managed by the Director of Audit Services, and will be undertaken utilizing standard and consistent investigation practices.


As required by the Manitoba Public Disclosures Act, the Director of Audit Services will prepare an annual report which will disclose the number of reports received, the number acted and not acted on, the number of investigations started as a result of a disclosure and the outcomes of the investigation to the President & Vice-Chancellor of the University and the University’s Audit Committee.