Reece Malone

Reece Malone

UWinnipeg Alumni

Former UWSA President and VP Advocate, Dr. Reece Malone (he/him/siya) is the CEO and founder of Sexuality Consultants and Support Services Manitoba, Inc. and counterpart company Diversity Essentials. He is an advocate for comprehensive human sexuality education, and often contributes to public health campaigns, delivers education and training, as well as provides consultation on sexual health policy and programming. His therapeutic practice centers client collaboration, and creating an environment for individuals and relationships to be understood, valued, and respected.

He is an award-winning board-certified sexologist, certified sexuality education supervisor, he has provided consultancy to national and international bodies including The Pan American Health Organization of the World Health Organization, The Canadian and Manitoba Human Rights Commission, and the District of Columbia Department of Health. He provides media commentary on current sexuality issues and is a go-to source of CBC National, CBC Radio, and Global National. As a popular culture commentator, he has appeared on Dan Savage’s Savage Love, Chicago Reader, and in Playboy Magazine.

Complementing his private practice, Dr. Reece is currently an adjunct professor at Antioch University Seattle Couple and Family Therapy Department.

Collaborating with Mariotta Gary Smith, Marla Renee Stewart and Dr. James Wadley, he is co-editing An Intersectional Approach to Sex Therapy: Centering the Lives of Black, Indigenous, Racialized, and People of Color, published by Routledge Press and to be released 2021.

What is your favourite dance tune?
Anything a drag queen would perform.

What book/novel/play/poetry collection/textbook would you recommend everyone to check out during Pride Week, or any other week of the year?
The Stonewall Generation, LGBTQ Elders on Sex, Activism & Aging by Jane Fleishman

What podcasts do you enjoy?
The Mindvalley podcast, Sex and Psychology podcast, Sex with Dr. Jess podcast.

What film(s) or television show(s) feature stories that have resonated with you?
The Golden Girls

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