David Scott

Political Science

David Scott Title: Adjunct Professor


Dr. David Scott is a senior policy advisor who has worked for both the Queensland and federal governments in Australia, and currently works as a strategist for the Manitoba Metis Federation. He holds a masters degree in justice and a doctorate degree in social science from the Queensland University of Technology.

Dr. Scott is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Winnipeg where he has taught Aboriginal politics, and is administering initiatives designed to affect evidence-based approaches to social programs and other public policy initiatives. His scholarly writings have appeared in public policy journals along with submissions to public inquiries both in Australia and Canada, with a focus on cohesive communities.

Dr. Scott has extensive experience in complex public policy settings and the machinery of mainstream governments. His experiences explore political approaches to Aboriginal self-determination from a multi-jurisdictional perspective. Dr. Scott’s research interests include political participation, public policy, social activism, social cohesion and social modernisation.