It Takes a Village - 2021 Summer course

Master’s in Development Practice (MDP) in Indigenous Development


Course Title: It Takes a Village: Mobilizing for Social Change in Urban Indigenous Contexts

Academic Course Listing(s): GDP-7791-001 (Graduate); HR-2650-002 & ANTH-4102-001 (undergraduate)

Non-credit Course Listing: DCAM-16486-PTSU1

Semester/Term: Summer Session

Brief Description: Collaborative learning for building stronger urban communities through community-oriented action.

Full Description: This course deals with community-oriented activism in urban Indigenous contexts. Students will be exposed to past movements as well the current work of activists and community organizers in Winnipeg, including from organizers themselves. Students will also learn how community-based collectives and organizations form and operate, the different roles and responsibilities within organizing, relevant tools and strategies to promote social change, and critical skills for evaluating and participating in social movements and initiatives. This is a short, intensive course that will involve two weeks of class instruction plus additional out-of-class time to complete assignments. This course is open to community members and will be taught with community members in mind.

Instructor: Darrien Morton

Guest Speakers: Guest speakers include Micheal Champagne, Kelly Bird-Naytowhow, Jackie Anderson (Ma Mawi), Brielle Beardy-Linklater, UM Service Learning, Levi Foy and SNA (Lynne).

Dates: Wednesday August 4, Friday August 6, Monday August 9, Wednesday August 11, Friday August 13, Monday August 16 (MWF, August 4-16, 6 classes total); grades due September 7

Times: 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Delivery method: Scheduled class times will take place using an online platform. Students must be available during the posted lecture times for live streaming and/or group interactions. High speed internet is mandatory.

Links to enroll:

Enrollment Deadline: May 3, 2021

Contact Info: For more information, please contact Tamara Dionne Stout, 204-297-2860

Course themes

  • History of urban Indigenous movements in Winnipeg
  • Roles and responsibilities in community activism
  • How community organizations operate
  • Tools and strategies for community organizing  
  • Allyship and coalition building
  • Youth engagement in activism
  • Knowledge mobilization