Pre-Calculus Review Online Workshop

Mathematics and Statistics

You will find all material related to the Online Precalculus Review Workshop, including the diagnostic test information, videos, written materials and exercises here.

You should carefully review this online material and do the recommended exercises regardless of the grade you received in Precalculus Math 40S since we have found that many students are lacking the precalculus skills to do well in Calculus I, regardless of their high school grades.  Precalculus material will not be reviewed in your Calculus I class and you are expected to review the precalculus review material from the Online Precalculus Review Workshop on your own time.  This online material is available to help you succeed.

Your instructor will have students registered in MATH-1103 and MATH-1101 write two lab tests on the material from the online workshop within the first 4 weeks of classes.  Scores on these tests may be worth a percentage of your grade in MATH-1103 and MATH-1101. Further details will be on your course outline.

Calculators are not allowed in the course.