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Mathematics and Statistics

Resources and Links

Tutoring Centre  The Tutoring Centre is a place where Math, Stats, Physics and Chemistry students can go for help with problems in their courses.  This year there is free individual tutoring and workshops with a professional tutor.  They will have sample tests and exams for most courses, tutors to help you understand concepts and solve difficult problems, and workshops focused on specific areas.  The Learning Centre is in 3G10,
the Department of Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications Tutoring Centre.  Both professional and peer tutors will be available.   Small group workshops focusing on various problem areas will also be offered in the free periods.  The professional tutor in the centre is able to assist students in all levels of Math. 

Check here for the Tutoring Centre Workshop schedule

Visit the Tutoring Centre on the third floor of Graham Hall to make a tutoring appointment or call 786-9129 to book an appointment.

Math/Stat Resources at the UW Library

Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS)

American Mathematical Society (AMS)  

American Statistical Association (ASA)

INFORMS, Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences  

SIAM, the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Women in Mathematics History and Association for Women in Mathematics

History of Mathematics

MAA - Mathematical Communication

Bank of Canada

Great information on types of careers for Math Majors at AMS and at MAA

Useful Statistics Links

The Statistical Society of Canada  

American Statistical Association

Statistics Canada

US Census Bureau 

Other Fun and Interesting Links