Course Materials

Mathematics and Statistics


MATH-0041 & MATH-0031: Math Access I and Math Access for Early/Middle Years Teachers

MATH-0041 and MATH-0031 Text

MATH-0042: Math Access II

MATH-0042 Text

MATH-1103 and MATH-1104: Introduction to Calculus I & II
MATH-2105 and MATH-2106: Intermediate Calculus I & II

MATH-1103 & 1104/MATH-2105 & 2106 Text

MATH-1201: Linear Algebra I

MATH-1201 Text

MATH-1301: Applied Mathematics for Business and Administration

MATH-1301 Text

MATH-1401: Discrete Mathematics

MATH-1401 Text

MATH-2203: Linear Algebra II

MATH-2203 Text

MATH-2903 and MATH-2904: Mathematics for Early/Middle Years Teachers I & II

MATH-2903 & 2904 Text 

MATH-3202: Group Theory
MATH-4202: Rings and Fields

MATH-3202 & 4202 Text

MATH-3401: Graph Theory

MATH-3401 Text

MATH/STAT-3612: Introduction to Operations Research

MATH/STAT-3612 Text

MATH-4403: Set Theory

MATH-4403 Text



STAT-1301 & STAT-1302:  Introduction to Statistical Analysis I & II

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STAT-1401: Stat l Econ Bus & SocSc

STAT-1401 Text

STAT-1501:  Elementary Biological Statistics

STAT-1501 Text

STAT-2001: Elementary Biological Statistics II

STAT-2001 Text