Course Abbreviated Listings

Mathematics and Statistics

This not a complete listing of courses.  For a complete listing see the ACADEMIC CALENDAR and TIMETABLE for current course offerings.

MATH-1101 (6)     Introduction to Calculus

MATH-1103 (3)     Introduction to Calculus I  

MATH-1104 (3)     Introduction to Calculus II  

MATH-1102 (3)     Basic Calculus (Terminal)

MATH-1201 (3)     Linear Algebra I

MATH-1401 (3)     Discrete Mathematics

MATH-2102 (3)     Differential Equations I

MATH-2103 (3)     Differential Equations II

MATH-2105 (3)     Intermediate Calculus I

MATH-2106 (3)     Intermediate Calculus II

MATH-2202 (3)     Applied Algebra

MATH-2203 (3)     Linear Algebra II

MATH-2413 (3)     Introduction to Mathematical Finance

MATH-2501 (3)     Introduction to Number Theory

MATH-2701 (3)     Linear Optimization

MATH-2901 (3)     History of Calculus   (cross-listed with Philosophy PHIL-2901 (3)

MATH-2902 (3)     Mathematics Prior to 1640 

MATH-2903 (3)     Mathematics for Early/Middle Years Teachers I

MATH-2904 (3)     Mathematics for Early/Middle Years Teachers II

MATH-3101 (6)     Advanced Calculus and Analysis

MATH-3103 (3)     Methods: Advanced Calculus 

MATH-3104 (3)     Methods in Partial Differential Equations 

MATH-3202 (3)     Group Theory

MATH-3203 (3)     Linear Algebra III

MATH-3401 (3)     Graph Theory

MATH-3402 (3)     Combinatorics

MATH-3403 (3)     Mathematical Logic

MATH/STAT-3412 (3)  Introduction to Operations Research

MATH/STAT-3611 (3)  Mathematical Statistics I

MATH/STAT-3612 (3)  Mathematical Statistics II

MATH-3701 (3)     Numerical Methods

MATH-3703 (6)     Mathematical Modelling

MATH-4003 (3)     Topics in Mathematics

MATH-4101 (3)     Complex Analysis

MATH-4202 (3)     Rings and Fields

MATH-4401 (3)     Advanced Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization

MATH-4402 (3)     Networks and Their Applications

MATH-4403 (3)     Set Theory

MATH-4601 (3)     Introduction to Topology and Analysis

MATH-4602 (3)     Real Analysis

MATH-4603 (3)     Topology

MATH-4604 (3)     Introduction to Differential Geometry


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Statistics Course Listings

STAT-1301(3)    Statistical Analysis I

STAT-1302(3)    Statistical Analysis II

STAT-1501(3)    Elementary Biological Statistics I   

STAT-1601(3)    Elementary Biological Statistics  II

STAT-2102(3)    Business and Management Statistics

STAT-2103(3)    Intermediate Biological Statistics

STAT-2104(3)    Nonparametric Statistics

STAT-2301(3)    Survey Sampling I

STAT-2501(3)    Statistical Quality Control

STAT-2903(3)    Introduction to Statistical Computing

STAT-3102(3)    Applied Multivariate Methods

STAT-3103(3)    Statistics in Research I

STAT-3104(3)    Statistics in Research II

STAT-3105(3)    Time Series and Forecasting

STAT/MATH-3611(3)    Mathematical Statistics I

STAT/MATH-3612(3)    Mathematical Statistics II

STAT-3401(3)    Stochastic Processes

STAT/MATH-3412(3)       Introduction to Operations Research

STAT-3501(3)    Simulation

STAT-4202(3)    Statistical Inference

STAT-4401(3)     Probability Theory

STAT-4600(3)      Survival and Reliability Analysis

STAT-4601(3)     Statistical Design of Experiments

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