MATH-0042 Mathematics Access II Entrance Test

Mathematics and Statistics

MATH-0042 Mathematics Access II Entrance Test

The MATH-0042 entrance test is offered twice per year ­– in April and in August. 

The next MATH-0042 entrance test will occur on April 5, 2018 9:00 - 10:30 AM, prior to the Spring offerings of MATH-0041 and MATH-0042. There is a $25 fee for writing the test. 

Register: Students MUST register by March 27, 2018 to write the test by filling out and completing the instructions on this form.

Students who have registered will be informed of the room location by email after March 27, 2018. Students who do not register by March 27, 2018 will not be permitted to write the April 5 test.

Students who achieve 65% or higher on the entrance test may register in MATH-0042 without first taking MATH-0041.

Topics covered on the MATH-0042 entrance test

  • Arithmetic: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, long division involving whole numbers, integer (negative numbers) and decimals
  • Fraction arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
  • Order of operations
  • Place value and rounding
  • Converting between decimals and fractions
  • Percentages
  • Exponents and exponent laws, simplifying radicals
  • Algebra: solving linear equations, factoring quadratics, factoring sums/differences of cubes, solving quadratics by factoring and with the quadratic formula, sketching quadratics
  • Polynomials: adding, subtracting, multiplying, polynomial long division (or synthetic division)
  • Absolute values
  • Geometry: Pythagorean theorem, area, volume, surface area
  • Lines:  finding slope, equations of lines, sketching

 The following worksheets will give you an idea as to what types of questions you may see on the entrance test. 

Arithmetic, fractions, order of operations: Arithmetic worksheet

Percentages, converting between fractions and decimals:  Percentages worksheet

Absolute value, exponents and radicals: Exponents and radicals worksheet

Algebra: Algebra worksheet

Lines: Lines worksheet

Geometry: Geometry worksheet