Research Interests of Faculty Members

Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics Faculty Research Interests

Our research areas are loosely arranged around the field of combinatorics. 

James Currie has a background in logic and theoretical computer science. His recent work focuses on combinatorics on words.  Research Profile

Shonda Gosselin’s research is in the area of algebraic graph theory.  She is interested in the action of groups on graphs and hypergraphs and has studied cyclic partitions of complete hypergraphs, which can be viewed as generalized self-complementary graphs. Shonda is also interested in the problem of determining under what conditions a Cayley digraph has a Hamiltonian cycle. 

Vaclav Linek works in design theory, graph theory and a little bit of combinatorics on words. Recently he has become interested in graph eigenvalue problems.  In his spare time he likes to contemplate magic and antimagic squares.

Ortrud Oellermann works mainly in graph theory. Recent research interests have been on the average Steiner distance of a graph as well as generalizations of Menger's theorem to three or more vertices.  Research Profile
   Dr. Oellermann was the recipient of the 2003 Erica and Arnold Rogers Award for Excellence in Research.

Narad Rampersad works in automata theory and combinatorics on words.  In particular, he studies combinatorial and number theoretic properties of automatic and morphic sequences.

Anna Stokke studies combinatorial representation theory. She works with Young tableaux to study representations of groups such as the symplectic, orthogonal, and general linear groups. She is also interested in representations of quantum groups.  Research Profile

Ross Stokke's research is in the areas of abstract harmonic analysis and functional analysis. More specifically, he studies locally compact groups, their unitary representations, and a variety of associated Banach algebras.  Research Profile

Terry Visentin works in the area of combinatorial enumeration. In recent years, he has been interested in the application of the character theory of the symmetric group to problems in map enumeration. Currie and Visentin have recently collaborated on some work in the theory of posets.

Statistics Faculty Research Interests

Research interests include Bayesian statistical inference, bootstrapping, multivariate methods, time series, queueing theory and networks, and stochastic processes.   The applications under consideration range from biological, life, social and human sciences to manufacturing, telecommunications and computer management.

Melody Ghahramani is interested in time series analysis with applications in finance and medicine.  Research Profile

Hatem A. Howlader is interested mainly in Bayesian inference including reliability and lifetesting. He is also interested in applications of statistical methods to biology.

Jeff Babb - In the field of statistics Jeff Babb is interested in multivariate analysis, spatial statistics, and simulation with applications to physical anthropology, climatology, and geography.  His mathematical interests include optimization, game theory, and the history of mathematics.- Research Highlight  Profile in The Uniter

Shakhawat Hossain's research interests are Health services/outcome research, Survival analysis and event history,Model selection by using James-Stein shrinkage, LASSO, ALASSO, and SCAD, Longitudinal data analysis, and Linear and generalized linear mixed models.

Zeinab Mashreghi's main research interest includes sampling theory, especially in the fields of non-response and resampling methods.