CANCELLED: Dr. Vida Dujmovic

Fri. Feb. 28 12:30 PM - Fri. Feb. 28 01:20 PM
Location: 1L11 Lockhart Hall, The University of Winnipeg


The Department of Mathematics and Statistics welcomes Dr. Vida Dujmovic, of the University of Ottawa

Title: "Graph Colourings"

Abstract: Graphs are mathematical structures used to model networks that arise in all areas of human endeavour. Graph colouring is among the most studied and most applicable topics in graph theory. In this talk, I will introduce several graph colouring problems, starting with the famours four colour theorem for colouring maps. I will then talk about a graph colouring problem that arises in the study of pattern-avoiding sequences. Finally, I will present a recent breakthrough at the intersection of the two previous topics, where colleagues and I solved a 20-year old open problem.