Course Resources

Mathematics and Statistics

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Library Subject Guides - Mathematics and Statistics 

Pre-Calculus Review Online Workshop materials

The textbook used for MATH-1103 and MATH-1104 Introduction to Calculus I & II is 8e Calculus, Early Transcendentals with WebAssign, by James Stewart

An ALGEBRA REVIEW can be found here and more practice here.  

Worksheets: Sign Diagrams & Inequalities, Linear Equations and Inequalities

MATH-1101(6) Sample Exam 1, Sample Final 2, Sample Exam Solutions 2, Sample Exam 3 + Solutions 

MATH-1101(6) Sign Diagram Algorithm

MATH-1101(6) Basic Integral Formulas

MATH-1102(3) Sign Diagram Algorithm

STAT-1301+STAT-1302 Sample Exam 1, Sample Exam - Statistical Analysis I and II

Be sure to check the TUTORING CENTRE for tutoring in small groups or one-to-one appointments.  FREE for University of Winnipeg SCIENCE students!

Some specific subject reviews for Introduction to Calculus, Linear Algebra, Elementary Biostats I, etc. and weekly question and answer drop-ins are also available.