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Master of Arts in Indigenous Governance

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Candice SaundersCandice Saunders
Born and raised on Norway House, Manitoba.

Candice graduated with her Bachelor of Arts at University College of the North and majored in Native Studies. Candice developed an interest in pursuing her post-graduate studies in the field that relates to First Nations issues. Candice has dedicated the last five years to preservation and collecting archives and documents relating to the history of Norway House, such as genealogical mapping, allocating names of burial sites of residential school students and pictures shared from community members and the HBC Archive Building in Winnipeg. Along with historical preservation of Norway House, Candice has dedicated her education to understanding and exposing the types of dilemmas Residential School has created within her reserve. With the loss of language, family breakdown and many addictions related to unhealthy coping mechanisms being affected by the survivors’ descendants. Candice working experience with various CFS agencies in the North has given her the aspiration to pursue her Master Degree in Indigenous Governance. 

Research interest
Candice’s research is focused on Child and Family Services and Education in Norway House.

Ryan K. Fontaine

Little Black River First Nation, Manitoba

Ryan is a recent graduate from the University of Winnipeg with a 4 year Bachelor of Arts Degree, double major in Political Science and Indigenous Studies. Ryan entered the Master’s program to further expand and deepen my knowledge on issues of Indigenous governance, in particular, the traditional system of law that was practiced amongst Indigenous people on Turtle Island prior to European contact. Those traditional legal methods were used holistically to heal and teach rather than defeat offenders. Ryan believe that this holistic approach can successfully be applied to the current justice system in order to reduce the high incarceration rates of  Indigenous peoples in Canada. Ryan is excited to continue his academic journey at the University of Winnipeg.