Darren Courchene

Indigenous UWinnipeg

Darren Courchene Title: Research Coordinator, Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba


Darren Courchene, a citizen of the Sagkeeng First Nation, has attended both Red River College and The University of Winnipeg, earning a diploma in Aboriginal Self-Government Administration, a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Aboriginal Governance and Religious Studies, and a Master of Arts in Indigenous Governance.

He has worked in the field of oral history documentation for over five years in two major projects that explored the spirit and intent of the treaty negotiations between the representatives of the Anishinaabe peoples and the Crown: the Treaty One Oral History Project with the Treaty One Protection and Implementation Office, as well as the Manitoba Treaties Oral History Project with both the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs and Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba. He’s currently conducting research that uses oral, written, and archival sources to examine the traditional and contemporary roles and responsibilities of leadership in Anishinaabe treaty making.

Darren has lectured on Treaty history, interpretation, negotiation, and implementation in national and international settings and is currently completing a PhD in Native Studies at the University of Manitoba.


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