Business Program

You First Sample Program

Fall Term

Winter Term

Introduction to Business I

Introduction to Business II

ECON-1102/3 Introduction to Economics: Micro

ECON-1103/3 Introduction to Economics: Macro

STAT 1301/3 Statistical Analysis I**

STAT 1302/3 Statistical Analysis II**

ACS 1803/3 Introduction to Computer-Based Systems

3 Credit hour Elective

RHET 1104/3 Academic Writing: Business
or any other section of Academic Writing (if required)*

3 Credit hours Humanities or Science+


Note: Students may use a maximum of 42 credit hours at 1000 level towards a degree.

*Academic Writing is required if grade less than 80% in English 40S (2 credits).
** Required for upper level Accounting courses
+ See the "Degree & Major Requirements" section of the Course Calendar for specific course listings.