UWinnipeg Students in Thailand

The Administration of the Faculty of Education at The University of Winnipeg has been in contact (both via phone and email) with our faculty member in Bangkok, professor Lenna Glade, and would like to provide the following information regarding our program in Thailand.

Professor Glade has advised the students to have sufficient water, packaged food that does not require refrigeration, and candles or flashlight. She has also sent a “to-do” list and emergency contact information, along with website links to crucial information.

There will be no academic penalties for the disruption caused by the current flooding in Thailand. Students can either choose to remain in Bangkok and finish up their program or return to Canada and complete the requirements in Winnipeg. For general inquiries at UWinnipeg please call Joanne Cheung at 204. 786-9491
or you can email her

Students have been advised to register with the Canadian Embassy in Thailand, and work closely with personnel there. We will be informing the Embassy that the University of Winnipeg is supportive should students decide to return to Canada. 

You can obtain consular assistance and further consular information in Thailand at:
T: 011 66 (0) 2636-0540

For emergency assistance after hours, call the Embassy of Canada in Bangkok and follow the instructions, or call the Emergency Operations Centre in Ottawa in Ottawa directly using the numbers above.

This information is based on current conditions in Bangkok, and is subject to change should a more formal Advisory be issued by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (Government of Canada).

Please visit the Faculty of Education website for ongoing updates.