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Title: Unpacking Truths Through Stories: Lessons Learned from Strangers at Home
Description: Unpacking truths through Stories: Lessons from Making “Strangers at
Home” will be a workshop where participants will grapple with how to
communicate complex issues and ideas to an audience who may not have
any familiarity with them. This workshop will help break down the
process of soliciting stories, partnership journalism, and working
with storytellers – including those whom you may not agree with.Dr.
Shayna Plaut, has learnt these skills from twenty years of scholarship
and media practice including her time spent as the Research Manager of
the Global Reporting Centre and the Project Manager for the video
series Strangers at Home. Strangers at Home explores issues of
migration/anti-Semitism/racism/anti-Romani sentiment in Europe by
focusing on local people’s experiences with these complex realities.
When: March 13, 2017, 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
Where: 2L17
University of Winnipeg
Winnipeg, MB
Contact: Emily Keijzer
Category: Global College

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