Information Security Awareness Training

Information Security Training

Information Security Awareness Training

The University of Winnipeg has licensed a complete Information Security awareness program from the SANS Institute. This program is for all University employees and is composed of five unique tracks. Each track has a series of information modules lasting from 2-5 minutes each. The course is delivered through the University’s Leaning Management System (LMS) and is available at any time, day or night.

It is highly recommended that employees take the time to view all of the tracks, as Information Technology is a vast domain and the topics vary widely. Users do not need to take them all at once; the LMS will remember where you left off so you can take your time viewing them.

The awareness training tracks are outlined below:


Accessing the Security Awareness Training

You can access the awareness training by going to and logging in using your Windows network account (lastname-initial and password). Please note that access should be done on a computer – smartphone access is not supported at this time. If you have trouble logging in, please contact Mark Rogowski at 786-9034.


The ‘My Courses’ widget (red circle) will contain the list of training courses you have access to. To enter a specific course, click on the name. To return back to the main screen (My Home) to see the list of courses, click ‘My Home’ (yellow circle) from the black minibar:


You can pause or stop the training and log out at any time. The LMS will remember where you left off so you don’t have to restart a module: