Paul Robles, Untitled (Landscape #1), 2007, cut-origami paper on vellum, 14

40th Anniversary

Paul Robles, Untitled (Landscape #1), 2007, cut-origami paper on vellum, 14" x 11". From the series Home is still a stranger.

Paul Robles

Born in the Philippines, Paul Robles lives and works in Winnipeg. His artistic practise includes photography, sculpture, installation and, most recently, origami-paper cuts. His work is influenced by his multicultural background and he hopes to create an understanding of the complications and contradictions that arise from cultural fragmentation. For Show + Tell, Robles will present several origami-paper cuts from his Home is still a stranger series. This series explores "placelessness", a sense of inhabiting more than one place, a feeling of belonging neither here nor there, a retelling of scenes and moments in relation to the artist's Asian and Canadian roots. The subject matter of the series reflects wide-ranging interests, from male identity, folklore and legends to Disneyana and political rage.

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