Solomon Nagler,  untitled1 (prayerielandescape), film still.

40th Anniversary

Solomon Nagler, untitled1 (prayerielandescape), film still.

Solomon Nagler

Filmmaker Solomon Nagler currently lives in Halifax where he is a professor of film production at NSCAD University. His work examines the way in which film represents our individual personae and the landscapes that are appropriated into our self-identity. Gritty, colorful and always pushing the limits of narrative possibilities, his films attempt to challenge the boundaries of contemporary cinema. Show + Tell will continuously screen Nagler's untitled1 (prayerielandescape), the first installment of a series of experimental film portraits. These intimate sketches are filmed within fragile, alchemic celluloid textures and focus primarily on rural prairie dwellers who have an intimate relationship with the landscape that encompasses them. The film rejects the geometric divisions that were carved out by land surveyors working on Canada's great plains. They explore a new topology, one that emphasizes a sense of fragility alluded to by a ruined geometry that has been breached by spring deluges, flooded fields and endless sky.

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