Frequently Asked Questions

Integrated Academic & Research Plan (IARP)

I am unable to attend any of these consultation dates but I want to provide feedback; what are my options?

If you are unable to attend any of the prescheduled consultation dates, please email us and let us know. You can either choose to submit a written response independently, or if there is enough demand, we will consider adding more dates to accommodate the demand.

I haven’t RSVP’d, can I still attend a consultation?

Yes! Everyone is welcome. Please attend even if you haven’t RSVP’d.

Will there be any other consultations?

Yes. If there is demand, additional consultations will be held.

What is the deadline for written submissions?

Please submit your feedback to by Feb 5, 2016.

What will happen with my written submission?

Your written submission will be received and read by the Office of Institutional Analysis.  In addition, all written submissions will be distributed to the IARP Steering Committee.

How were the questions developed?

The questions were developed in consultation with the IARP Steering Committee, using the Strategic Directions document as a framework.

What is the format of the workshops?

Workshops will be formatted to provide opportunities for small group discussions on a variety of questions. There will be a facilitator on hand to guide the consultations and discussion.