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Important Information Regarding Research Employees:


When employees are to be hired to positions that are funded by research grants, grantees and supervisors should be aware of a number of facts about these positions.

Categories of Research Employees

1. AESES (non-students)

Most non-student research employees are covered by the provisions of the Collective Agreement between The University of Winnipeg and the Association of Employees Supporting Education Services (AESES). This means that their job must be classified and they must be paid in accordance with the corresponding hourly rates of pay in the current Collective Agreement. In addition to the hourly rate of pay, you will be required to pay 6% vacation pay (included in examples). There is an additional 10% for EI, Payroll Tax & CPP which needs to be included in the costs to the grant.

Before you hire a non-student research employee, please contact your HR Consultant to review your job's classification and salary levels. This will ensure you are in compliance with the AESES Collective Agreement. If employee is being hired for less than 3 months posting and formal classification are not necessary. If hired for more than 3 months:

  • you will need to prepare a position description and complete a Request to Fill Form.
  • it must become term, sessional or continuing. Positions for more than 3 months duration, must be posted after a formal position description has been created and then evaluated and classified jointly with AESES.

A continuing position is one which, when filled, is expected to exist for at least 3 months from the date it is filled and has no specified end date.

A sessional position is a continuing position which is subject to seasonal lay-off.

A term position is a position which, when filled, is expected to exist beyond 3 months but not beyond 15 months. The 15 months will include those months categorized as a temporary position.

This process takes time so should be started well in advance of the requirement to hire or to extend beyond three months. Human Resources can assist you in understanding the paper work required.

The most typical research AESES positions being filled are:

Assistant Technician 1

AESES position which may entail some or all of the following duties:
  • Prepares standardized solutions following detailed instructions
  • ­Assists in gathering test samples, observation of subjects and recording of results
  • ­Performs standard tests or experiments under direct instruction
  • ­Sets up and operates audio, visual or standardized laboratory equipment
  • ­Feeds, waters and cares for animals, fish and plants
  • ­Maintains lab cleanliness and performs minor repairs to standard equipment
  • ­Identifies depleted chemicals, equipment and supplies
  • ­Compiles statistical data, administers surveys & questionnaires & reviews printed materials
  • ­Performs routine data input and analysis
  • ­Compiles routine bibliographic information
  • ­Performs routine cataloguing or file maintenance
Applicant will have completed high school and have acquired some additional relevant training or experience.

Assistant Technician 2

AESES position which may entail some or all of the following duties:
  • Prepares standardized solutions, media or reagents following prescribed formulas
  • ­Collects and processes routine specimens/samples, monitors test subjects, performs routine quantitative and qualitative analysis of results, reports finding in summary form
  • ­Assists in or performs tests, experiments or routines involving standardized techniques or procedures
  • ­Feeds, waters and cares for animals, fish and plants following instructions
  • ­Assists in field site excavation; recovers and/or draws profiles and maps of findings; labels, catalogues and cleans materials
  • ­Analyzes and summarizes statistical data; administers surveys and questionnaires; interviews, observes and records activities
  • ­Performs computerized data input and analysis
  • ­Compiles bibliographic information
  • ­Performs routine cataloguing or file maintenance
  • ­Sets up, operates and maintains equipment and facilities
Applicant will have completed 2 years of university or have 2 years of directly related experience, or a combination of both education and experience.

Assistant Technician 3

AESES position which may entail some or all of the following duties:
  • Advertises for study participants, books appointments, conducts sessions, records responses, and performs follow-up as required
  • ­Monitors condition of computers, labs, supplies, lab equipment and arranges for service
  • ­Checks completeness of data of other employees and makes corrections when necessary
  • ­Reads relevant literature as provided by the supervisor
  • ­Organizes papers according to publisher's format and may write sections of research papers
  • ­Searches for relevant research papers from topics provided, compiles information from literature searches and requests books and articles from lists provided
  • ­Learns software packages and maintains computerized files
  • ­Enters data using statistical package and performs data analysis
  • ­Provides supervision, training and information to other employees when and as required on data entry analysis, computer operation, software and availability, technical consultation
  • ­Monitors budgets for grants, keeps records as required and makes approved purchases on request
  • ­Prepares graphs and data for slides and presentations
Applicant will have equivalent of a 3-year degree.

2. Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) (enrolled students)

Most student research positions are covered under PSAC as their certified bargaining agent.

Research Assistant

These are PSAC positions only if the employees are full-time or part-time (12 credit hours) students at the University of Winnipeg. These course enrollments can occur anytime within the Academic Year (September 1 to August 30) during which the student is employed. The work must be related to the Student's undergraduate degree. Joint Master's students may also qualify as Research Assistants.

Senior Research Assistant

These are PSAC positions only if the employees are full-time or part-time (12 credit hours in an academic year) graduate students who are currently working towards a graduate degree. The appointment must be for a limited time to assist in the research of a faculty member provided the research is in a subject area which is related to the graduate degree sought.

Research Associate
If you plan to hire a Research Associate, please contact Human Resources.

These are PSAC positions. Applicants will normally hold a Ph.D. or training beyond a Master's Degree and act as a co-researcher with full involvement in the experimental design and co-authoring any published resulting work.

Conditions of Employment


Overtime must be paid to any AESES employee who works more than 7 hours per day or 35 hours per week at a rate of double time (2 x the regular hourly rate excluding vacation pay). Where more than one grantee or department hires the same employee, they must be careful not to give the employee more than 7 hours of combined work per day unless they are prepared to pay that employee overtime for all hours worked in excess of 7 hours. ALL hours worked by an individual must be taken into account when determining overtime entitlement, however for non-union positions overtime rates are applied for hours over 8 in one day or 40 in a week.


After an AESES employee has accumulated 200 hours of employment, he/she is entitled to 10 hours of accumulated sick leave, and is also entitled to accumulate additional sick leave at a rate of 1 hour of sick leave with pay for each additional 15 hours of service, thereafter, to a maximum of 420 hours of sick leave.


Any hourly employee that has earnings in either one or both of the 2 pay periods immediately preceding the pay period in which the statutory holiday falls is entitled to stat pay of 5% of those earnings.


You should request a resignation letter from each employee if they resign, to avoid unintentional future complications with lay-off/recall provisions under the AESES Collective Agreement and/or with termination provisions under Manitoba Employment Standards. Letters of resignation should be forwarded to the Human Resources Department.


AESES employees in continuing positions who receive notice of position discontinuance (i.e. because the grant has run out) are entitled to vacation pay plus a salary entitlement period equal to 10 working days for each year of accumulated seniority (or portion thereof) to a maximum of 120 working days. This cannot be charged to your SSHRC, NSERC or most other grants. It is important that you discuss both your short-term and long-term employment needs with the Human Resources Department before you begin the actual hiring process.


You should be aware that the hourly rate of pay plus 6% vacation pay is paid to an employee. In addition, your grant will be charged another 10% for CPP, EI and the Payroll Tax, so please budget for that too.

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