Policy: Personnel Files for Support Staff Excluded from Bargaining Units

Human Resources


September 1, 1994 (replaces policy dated April 1, 1989)




The purpose of this policy is to establish the regulations and procedures pertaining to official personnel files for support staff excluded from bargaining units.


This policy and the procedures outlined herein apply to all support staff excluded from bargaining units. Whenever a position falls within a bargaining unit, the appropriate collective agreement shall govern.


The Director of Human Resources is responsible for the communication, administration, and interpretation of this policy.


Official personnel files for University employees shall be maintained by the Human Resources Department.

The official personnel file shall contain documents and information relating to the employee's employment history with the University including but not limited to employment applications, letters of appointment, salary or wage history, employee benefit information and entitlements, vacation records, leaves of absence, disciplinary documentation, formal and informal performance evaluations, official correspondence between the employee and the University, and confidential information.

Confidential information shall consist of health and counselling records, letters of reference, evaluations requested by the University and any document transmitted in confidence. Information contained in the official personnel file may also be retained in a confidential and secure manner by the President or the appropriate manager.

Access to the Official Personnel File

Upon written request to the official trustee of the personnel file, the employee shall have the right to examine, during regular office hours, the contents of the official personnel file, except for confidential information. With regard to confidential information, the employee shall be advised only as to the date, type of document and the purpose for which the confidential material was prepared or obtained.

The employee shall be allowed to examine the official personnel file in the presence of the trustee of the file or his/her designate. The employee shall not be allowed to remove any document from the file; however he/she may, at his/her expense, obtain copies of the documents in the personnel file which are not considered confidential.

The employee shall have the right to have included in the personnel file his/her written comments on the accuracy or the meaning of any of the contents of the personnel file. The employee shall also have the right to have removed from the personnel file any material which he/she can show is false, irrelevant or unsubstantiated. Such requests for removal shall be made to the Director of Human Resources.

No confidential information contained in the personnel file shall be made available to third parties, except as authorized in writing by the employee. In this context, the employee's Dean, Director or Unit Head, and other senior Administrative Officers are not third parties.

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