Policy: Conflict Of Interest

Human Resources

Effective Date:

November 1, 1988


The Board of Regents


This policy is intended to ensure a high standard of professional integrity and impartiality between University employees and individuals with whom and organizations with which the University conducts or proposes to conduct business.


The Provincial Auditor has recommended that the University establish conflict of interest guidelines for all University employees in order to protect the public interest in the disposition of funds that are largely derived from the Provincial Government.


This policy and the procedures outlined herein apply to all employees of The University of Winnipeg.


The overall responsibility for the administration of this policy is vested in the Vice-President (Finance and Administration).


A conflict of interest occurs when the personal interests of an employee clash or have the potential to clash with his/her duties and responsibilities to the University. For the purposes of this policy personal interests include, but are not necessarily limited to, a business, commercial or financial interest, whether of the person involved or arising from family or marital relationships, from friends, or from former, existing or prospective business associations.

A finding of conflict of interest does not depend upon willful wrongdoing by a person, nor upon the issue of whether the judgment of the person has, in fact, been affected. A conflict of interest may exist whether or not a monetary advantage has been or may have been conferred upon the person.


  1. Any employee of the University knowingly having an interest, whether direct or indirect, in a person who or an organization which transacts or proposes to transact business with the University, shall report this information, including the nature of the interest, to the appropriate Dean, Director or supervising administrator.
  2. If a situation in which a potential conflict of interest exists cannot be resolved between the employee and the appropriate Dean, Director or supervising administrator, the matter shall be referred to the Vice-President (Administration).
  3. When a conflict of interest exists, the employee in question may, in an appropriate case, be relieved of the responsibilities causing the conflict of interest.

Regulations Regarding Confidentiality and Use of Information:

  1. An employee shall not disclose confidential or restricted information concerning the property, organization, or affairs of the University, nor shall any such information be used to benefit himself/herself or others.
  2. An employee shall not seek to obtain personal gain for himself/herself, or for anyone with whom he/she is closely associated, from the use of any information acquired in the course of his/her duties which is not generally available to the public.
  3. An employee, having attended or received minutes or other records of a confidential meeting of any University body, shall not disclose to or discuss with anyone other than a member of that same body, details of any discussions on matters coming before that meeting or decisions made by the body which are intended to remain confidential.
  4. The responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of information or documents includes the responsibility for ensuring, as far as is reasonable and practicable, that such information or documents are not directly or indirectly made available to unauthorized persons.

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