The University of Winnipeg Class Specification

Classification:  Technician 3                                           Revision Date:  June 2004
Unit:  AESES
Hay Point Range:   341 - 400


In positions at this level, incumbents provide skilled technical services or assistance which in some positions is combined with administrative support to a department.

General direction is provided by a more senior technician, administrator or academic staff member.  Although guidance and direction may be necessary, incumbents are expected to exercise considerable independence, initiative and judgement in the performance of duties.  The supervision of other employees at the same or lower levels and/or students in laboratory classes may be a requirement.


General Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Answers inquiries and/or provides technical advice on equipment, techniques and/or processes to faculty, staff, students, external organizations and the public
  2. Recommends purchase and orders, maintains and dispenses an inventory of laboratory media, supplies, materials, chemicals, organisms, equipment, software, hardware including obtaining price and service quotations, communicating with suppliers and keeping reports
  3. Monitors expenditure and budget records and maintains departmental records including computerized records and may authorize expenditures
  4. Assists in the preparation of department operating and capital budgets
  5. Is responsible for the safety, security and disposal of and authorizing access to: chemicals, materials and supplies, according to WHMIS regulations
  6. Ensures specialized equipment and facilities are properly maintained, diagnoses and reports malfunctions, performs routine repairs or arranges servicing (e.g. electron microscope)
  7. Sets up, calibrates, operates, demonstrates and supervises specialized equipment, software, experiments, techniques and/or processes
  8. Supervises and coordinates day-to-day operations of an area(s) in a department, organizing, scheduling, cleaning, assigning tasks, training and evaluating performance of other employees at the same or lower levels
  9. Maintains current knowledge in an area of expertise and in apparatus, techniques, etc.
  10. May plan field work, sampling, resources, data acquisition, collection and processing, sampling and training and supervising student assistants

Animal, Plant and Laboratory Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Propagates and maintains collections of animals, fish, reptiles, insects and plants, feeding and watering in accordance with guidelines and by adjusting special diets, initiating treatments and administering drugs and treatment under direction, maintaining cleanliness of animals, plants and facilities
  2. Prepares animals and plants for laboratory operations and dissections using pre-operative and post-operative chemicals and techniques and demonstrating surgical procedures
  3. Participates in implanting parasites in animals and plants and monitors their health and growth
  4. Plans pedigrees and performs breeding and sexing of animals
  5. Prepares objects, materials, supplies, equipment and models for laboratory classes and ensures these are readily available
  6. Orders, catalogues, files, stores and maintains appropriate collections
  7. Organizes and supervises the work of students in laboratory facilities ensuring compliance with procedures, policies and safety standards
  8. Is involved in the design and implementation of laboratory experiments including: library research, apparatus design, testing, revising and upgrading experimental procedures, etc.
  9. Prepares and maintains cultures, media, microorganisms, bacteria, fungi, and samples using histological and other techniques
  10. Instructs students (e.g. preparation of media) and acts as a consultant to faculty and students on techniques, equipment, software, research, etc.

    Other Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Video tapes original in-house or television network productions, produces copies for distribution, edits and adapts plays and/or programs for in-house television production, produces original audio visual and photographic materials and effects and is responsible for all equipment and staff involved with studio productions at all times
  2. Produces original audio visual and photographic materials
  3. Photographs materials, individuals, groups, facilities and/or events within the University or the community including selecting techniques, processes and equipment
  4. Supervises the reproduction of works maintained in a collection
  5. Operates specialized equipment to produce images and/or audio visual effects
  6. Prepares exhibits for display purposes and may maintain and/or contribute to a web site for an area
  7. Performs specialized procedures related to photography, printing, etc.
  8. Selects, organizes and maintains a subject pool of individuals for research purposes, including a computerized record of these
  9. Performs other related duties as required or assigned

The minimum qualifications required are:

Level of Formal Education and Experience

  • Undergraduate degree in a related discipline plus two years of directly related experience or Diploma plus three years of directly related experience
  • or
  • An acceptable equivalent combination of education and experience
Skills and Abilities
  • Demonstrated ability to plan, organize, establish and adhere to schedules and deadlines for work processes
  • Ability to exercise independent judgement, initiative and cooperation
  • Highly developed oral and written communication skills with ability to communicate effectively with staff, students and the public and demonstrate and/or explain detailed technical procedures
  • Must be familiar with computer software, methods, techniques, vocabulary and procedures in use in an area
  • Must be able to keep accurate records
  • Ability to direct or supervise the work of other employees at the same or lower levels in some positions
Physical Requirements
  • No allergies to animals, plants or chemicals used in an area where work is performed
  • Must be willing to work flexible schedule of hours if necessary
  • Capable of performing the duties as assigned