The University of Winnipeg Class Specification

Classification:  Office Assistant 4                                 Revision Date:  September 2001 
Unit:  AESES
Hay Point Range:   171 - 205


In positions at this level, incumbents provide experienced reception/secretarial/clerical/bookkeeping assistance to one or more individuals in a university department or administrative unit.  In performing a variety of duties or procedures, incumbents are expected to organize and prioritize assignments and independently work within standard policies and procedures.  Initially, incumbents may receive general supervision but as knowledge in the area increases, work is performed under general direction.  Participating in hiring, training and assigning work to other employees at the same or lower levels may be a requirement.

  1. Provides verbal and written information and assistance to staff, students and the public requiring a knowledge of university and departmental policies, procedures, programs, courses and operations, and sometimes those of external agencies/institutions.  Provides general interpretations, referring inquiries as required
  2. Types and proofreads correspondence, administrative forms, information, budgets, manuals, reports, research documents, manuscripts, course outlines, calendar entries, tests and examinations, etc., from hard copy, dictation and/or shorthand notes requiring proficient skill in set-up and formatting which may require a knowledge of scientific/technical/second language vocabulary, basic editing and/or use of formatting, specialized symbols or alphabets and, when required, composes correspondence on own initiative
  3. Attends meetings, takes, transcribes and distributes minutes, arranges appointments and meetings, events, space and associated services, prepares and distributes materials, notices, agendas, etc. and may participate in committees
  4. Maintains student priority waiting lists and authorizes section changes for courses, extra/deferred exams, etc.
  5. Prepares, distributes and monitors scheduled return of teaching, research and administrative support materials - ie: class lists, grades, examinations, transcripts, grant applications, calendar submissions, evaluation packages, etc.
  6. Makes travel arrangements and processes and monitors related documentation
  7. Prepares, enters, processes, verifies, matches, distributes, organizes, searches, maintains and/or updates specific manual and computerized records and files that may be associated with:  timetables, registration, tests, examinations, student transcripts, mark statements, payroll forms for marker/demonstrators expense and/or budget related records, which may involve coordinating activities with other areas as required
  8. Compiles data and statistics for the preparation of reports, performs data processing and/or word processing using a variety of standard to specialized functions of application software packages
  9. Operates automated office equipment including:  word processor, personal computer, data input terminals, cheque signer, photocopier, etc., does any training and/or backup procedures required and makes arrangements for servicing or problem resolution
  10. Maintains departmental files, information, inventory and records which may include placing orders for: equipment, supplies, keys, personnel, payroll, etc.
  11. May participate in hiring, orientation, training and assigning work to other employees at the same or lower levels
  12. Processes incoming and outgoing mail and mailings for an area, and arranges for couriers
  13. Updates, maintains departmental website
  14. Provides support by: booking space, equipment, food services, preparing information packages, accepting registrations, opening facilities, etc.
  15. May perform work in a printing environment including: desktop publishing, office and clerical support, high speed duplicating and bindery work
  16. Receives, receipts, updates and deposits monies to accounts, prepares, balances and reconciles deposits, accounts and/or statements
  17. Completes and codes invoices and forms, with information, enters data and corrects information, matches forms, keeps petty cash, etc.
  18. Prepares cheques, receives authorized signatures, processes and distributes cheques, etc.
  19. Prepares and processes spreadsheets, basic journal entries and/or adjustments to accounts and enters data in General Ledger
  20. Monitors income and expense accounts, uses limited signing authority and notifies appropriate authority of problems and possible solutions
  21. Provides support by coordinating returns, ordering and printing stock and may act as an evening supervisor
  22. Performs other related duties as required or assigned

The minimum qualifications necessary for acceptable (satisfactory)  performance are:

Level of Formal Education 

  • High school completion or equivalent program of studies with office skills training
  • Completion of a formal training program in a related discipline from a recognized institution
  • Three years of directly related experience
  • or
  • An acceptable equivalent combination of education and experience
Skills and Abilities
  • Ability to organize and prioritize specialized secretarial, basic accounting or clerical routines and assign and review the work of others
  • Ability to establish and maintain good working relations and use effective oral and written communication skills with all levels of staff, students and the public, in a confidential manner
  • Some positions may require proficiency in the use of shorthand and/or dictation or working with numbers
  • Some positions require keyboard skills with the ability to meet test standards in typing of 55 w.p.m. and knowledge of standard to specialized functions of software applications
  • Some positions may require a working knowledge of a second language or specialized vocabulary
Physical Requirements
  • Capable of performing the duties as assigned