Consulting Services

Human Resources

The HR Consultants work diligently to understand departmental needs and objectives in order to provide strategic, forward-thinking consultation, and support on a wide range of human resource matters.

Each department or unit has an assigned HR Consultant who is the first point of contact for all human resource issues including:

Recruitment and Selection

  • Provide advice concerning appropriate recruitment practices.
  • Advise and assist with creating job postings and advertisements.
  • Advise and assist with online recruitment procedures.
  • Advise and assist with the selection process including pre-screening applicants, scheduling interviews, preparing interview questions and rating grids, conducting pre-employment testing, participating in the interview process, and completing reference checks.
  • Advise and assist in determining successful candidates and developing selection justifications.
  • Make job offers and assigning appropriate step placement (compensation).
  • Authorize completed appointment documentation.

Classification and Salary Administration

  • Provide advice and assistance in writing position descriptions.
  • Review position descriptions submitted for classification review.
  • Participate in and chair Classification Review and Appeal of Classification Review committees.
  • Advise client departments on salary administration as per collective agreements and compensation policies.
  • Ensure all governmental, legal, and contractual regulations are met.

Employee/Labour Relations

  • Provide interpretation of collective agreements, University policies, procedures, and practices as they apply to the workplace.
  • Advise and support clients engaged in grievance, layoff/position discontinuance, sick leave management, and termination.
  • Provide information and advice to clients regarding the development and implementation of sound performance management practices, including assisting in the creation of performance improvement plans.
  • Provide strategies for administering disciplinary processes.
  • Participate in disciplinary meetings.
  • Advise and assist clients on preparation of probationary, trial, and annual performance review.

Other Services

  • Conduct or participate in organizational reviews and developing workplace solutions.
  • Participate in graduated return to work and accommodation plans for employees returning from sick leave or LTD.
  • Upon resignation, conduct exit interviews with all full-time, continuing staff.
  • Provide coaching/counseling services in support of a respectful work environment.

Who Is My HR Contact?