Group Term Life Insurance

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The Group Term Life Insurance plan is insured by Blue Cross Life Insurance Company of Canada effective from June 1, 2004.

Life Insurance coverage becomes effective on date of employment for all eligible employees. If you are not actively at work on the effective date, your coverage will commence on the date when you commence active employment.

Included here is general information relating to the University of Winnipeg employee benefits. The information is intended as a summary of the main provisions of the various benefits, presented in non-technical language. The terms and conditions under which the benefits are provided, are governed by the appropriate group policy, contract, or plan text and any relevant Collective Agreement and in any dispute the legal document will take precedence over the information provided here.


You may appoint one or more beneficiaries or your Estate. Multiple beneficiaries share equally, unless you indicate otherwise. If you wish to change your beneficiary designation please contact:

Pay & Benefits at Payroll, 204.258.3805, 204.786.9205 or 204.789.1489


If your coverage terminates on or prior to your Normal Pension Commencement Date due to termination of employment, retirement or because you cease to be eligible for coverage, you may convert your group coverage to an individual policy without medical evidence of good health, subject to coverage limits and restrictions. The amount of coverage cannot exceed the lesser of the amount of your group life insurance coverage in place on the date of termination or $200,000.

Written application for conversion, along with the required premiums, must be submitted to the insurer within 31 days of termination of the group coverage.

Individual plans available at conversion are:

a) A one-year term policy that can be exchanged prior to its expiry date for a life insurance policy as described in (b) or (c) below,

b) A non-convertible term insurance policy that provides level term insurance to age 65, or

c) A term to age 100 policy that provides lifetime coverage with no non-forfeiture options.


You are automatically covered for Basic Life Insurance benefit equal to your annual regular salary (excluding stipends and overtime). You may elect Optional coverage equal to one or two times annual salary (excluding stipends and overtime). The overall maximum amount of Life Insurance (Basic & Optional) that you may carry is three times annual salary or $500,000, whichever is less.

Coverage reduces by 50% for any employee who attains his/her Normal Pension Commencement Date (NPCD) on or after January 1, 2009, and who continues in active employment. The maximum amount of coverage for any employee past their NPCD is $250,000.

All amounts of insurance are rounded up to the next higher multiple of $1,000 if not already a multiple.

Extension of Coverage

If you should die within 31 days following termination of employment, the Life Insurance benefit will be paid to your beneficiary. If you have applied for conversion, any individual policy issued under the conversion must be surrendered before payment under the group policy is made.

Increase/Decrease in Coverage

If your Life Insurance coverage is not already at the maximum level of three times your annual salary (maximum $500,000) you may increase your coverage within 30 days of the addition of a spouse or a dependent child, with no evidence of insurability being required. Increase in coverage at any other time requires medical evidence of good health.

Coverage for any employee who has attained his/her Normal Pension Commencement Date on or after January 1, 2009 and who continues in active employment, reduces by 50% and is subject to a maximum of $250,000.

If you wish to decrease your Life Insurance coverage, please submit a written request, indicating the applicable coverage decrease and the effective date of the decrease, to Human Resources.

No changes in coverage may be made unless you are actively at work.

Lay Off

If you cease to be actively at work due to sessional lay-off, you must continue your Life Insurance coverage by prepayment of the required premiums.

If you cease to be actively at work due to permanent lay-off, you may continue your Life Insurance coverage by prepayment of the required premiums for a maximum period of one year.

Leave of Absence

Without Pay - If you are on an unpaid leave, you have the option of maintaining your Life Insurance coverage for a maximum period of one year by prepaying the required premiums (Basic & Optional).

With Pay - If you are on a paid leave (at full or reduced salary) your Life Insurance coverage will remain in force at the pre-leave level for a maximum period of one year and your premium deductions for Optional coverage, if any, will continue as normal.


The rate for Group Term Life insurance is deducted on a semi-monthly basis. The University pays the cost of your Basic coverage. You pay the cost of Optional coverage, if any.


Reduced Appointment

If you are on an approved Reduced Appointment, your Life Insurance coverage will be based on the pre-reduced level of your regular earnings.

Term Employees

If you are a term employee, your coverage is in effect only during the term of your appointment.

Terminal Illness

A special advance payment may be provided if you are suffering from a condition which is expected to result in death within 12 months of your request. The payment must be requested in writing and will be the lesser of $50,000 or 50% of your Life Insurance coverage.

Termination of Coverage

Effective January 1, 2009 the age limit under the Life Insurance plan was extended from age 65 to 70. The extension of coverage applies to any employee who attains his/her Normal Pension Commencement Date (NPCD) on or after January 1, 2009. Coverage is subject to a 50% reduction in coverage at the NPCD, and coverage is limited to a maximum of $250,000.

Life Insurance coverage will terminate on the earliest of the following dates:

  • Upon termination of employment or retirement;
  • The date premiums cease;
  • During a strike or lock-out (unless special provisions have been made);
  • Normal Pension Commencement Date - this applies to employees who attained their NPCD prior to January 1, 2009;
  • First of the month following attainment of age 70 for employees who attain their NPCD on or after January 1, 2009.

Waiver of Premium

If you become Totally Disabled prior to your Normal Pension Commencement Date, and remain disabled for a period of 6 months, your Life Insurance coverage is continued without payment of premiums from the first of the month following the date of disability, subject to proof of total and continuous disability.

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