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Material Culture in Indigenous History - July 4th-15th, 2016

Wed. Apr. 6, 2016

Student in the field with bowJULY 4th-15th, 2016

HIST-3573/3 - HIST-4573/3

In this experiential-learning course, we explore various ways in which Indigenous and European technologies of the fur trade era complemented each other. The first half of the course is taught through seminar discussions and lectures at the University of Winnipeg/ACCESS Education, the second half of the course takes place at the ANPO-Bison Ranch, near Rossburn, Manitoba, where students have an opportunity to work with Indigenous Elders from the nearby First Nations communities, learn about and experience traditional technologies, such as tanning hides and/or manufacturing archery equipment, while being accommodated in traditional tipis and/or modern tents. Cross-Listed: ANTH-3273/3, ANTH-4273/3.

For further information contact: Dr. R. Bohr (r.bohr@uwinnipeg.ca) or phone (204-786-9007).

Photo courtesy Roland Bohr.