Therapy Services

Heads Up Concussion Institute

In many instances the mechanism of injury of a concussion also involves a whiplash like injury involving the neck. Muscle strains to the neck can contribute to the headaches, blurred vision, instability and overall tension. The athlete may benefit from the services provided by the Athletic Therapy Clinic including, massage, range of motion exercises, instruction on proper sleeping positions etc.

Similar to any other injury, once the symptoms subside, it is important to follow a gradual return to participation. This involves gradual introduction of cardiovascular exercises, strength, balance, power, and agility and sport specific skills. Our Certified Athletic Therapists are highly trained to direct the athlete through a safe and effective reconditioning program to minimize the risk of re-injury.

As with any other injury, there is an important psychological component related to the safe return to play. It is normal for the athlete to experience some apprehension in returning to the same activity that caused the injury. This is especially true with a concussion. The athlete needs to be reassured through mental imaging and direct experience that he or she has the necessary resiliency, the physical capacity and the mental preparedness to return to play at full capacity. This can only happen with a graduated and carefully directed return to play protocol.

Once again hour trained staff, in consultation with our medical advisors, is fully prepared to direct the process for a safe and effective return to sport.

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