Educational Presentations

Heads Up Concussion Institute

Our fully trained staff of Certified Athletic Therapists is available to present concussion awareness seminars to coaches, parents, athletes, officials, first aiders, and others. Typically a presentation will be one to two hours in length but can be adjusted to fit most requests.

The objective of the presentations is to inform the audience about concussions and their consequences so that the individual can gain a full understanding the condition. The hope would be that individuals would make the right decisions during a game or as a parent, coach or first aider administering to an injured athlete.

Presentations include:

  • an understanding of the structure and function of the brain,
  • the mechanism of injury involved in concussions,
  • the signs and symptoms of a concussion,
  • on-field management of concussions using the SCAT2 form,
  • the importance of base line testing,
  • recovery strategies,
  • 6 step return to play procedure,
  • Return to learn guidelines
  • Prevention strategies,
  • Open discussions and question periods
  • A speaker fee may apply

For more information about arranging for a lecture presentation contact: 204.786.9250