Uta Sboto-Frankenstein, PhD

Heads Up Concussion Institute

Uta Sboto-Frankenstein

Uta N. Sboto-Frankenstein, PhD, is a research officer in the Magnetic Resonance Technology Group at the National Research Council Institute for Biodiagnostics. Dr. Sboto-Frankenstein’s primary academic interest is to use neuroimaging to better understand the function and anatomy of the human central nervous system (CNS). In collaboration with the Department of Neuromodulation at Medtronic Inc., Dr. Sboto-Frankenstein uses a variety of neuroimaging tools to investigate a debilitating chronic pain syndrome known as Failed Back Surgery Syndrome. She has experience with functional magnetic resonance imaging and more recently diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). Using DTI she has been working on characterizing diffusion parameters in healthy volunteers to obtain baseline measurements for presurgical white matter evaluations in tumor and temporal lobe epilepsy patients. Dr. Sboto-Frankenstein is also an active member of the Concussion Resources Manitoba Network and the Heads Up Concussion Institute of the University of Winnipeg.  She is currently applying her DTI expertise to the study of traumatic brain injuries.