Green Office Program

Welcome to the Participation Module of UWinnipeg's Green Office Program!

Please use the tips and resources provided below to green your office with respect to participation. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Campus Sustainability Office or Diversity Food Services.

  • I eat food from establishments that source local, ethical, and organic food whenever possible, such as from Diversity Food Services on campus. 
  • I bring my own travel mug, food containers, and utensils when I get food to go to avoid waste from food packaging.
  • I help to improve campus sustainability at UWinnipeg by responding to campus-wide surveys pertaining to sustainability issues, or by emailing the Campus Sustainability Office directly with my questions and concern. 
  • I am my office's Green Office Representative and have received all the necessary materials, information, and training from the CSO.
  • My office has its own sustainability action plan. We send results of our actions to the CSO to include in the University's annual sustainability performance report.