Kitchen and Break Room

Green Office Program

Welcome to the Kitchen and Break Room Module of UWinnipeg's Green Office Program!

Please use the tips and resources below to green your office's kitchen/break room. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Campus Sustainability Office.

  • When I buy lunch at the cafeteria or from a restaurant, I bring a re-usable container and do not take the disposable kind. Remember- when you throw something "away," it actually goes here.
  • Instead of disposable cups, plastic wrap, and bags I only use dishes and reusable containers for food and drinks in the office.
  • When it is my turn to buy dish-soap or cleaning products for the office kitchen, I buy EcoLogo certified products.
  • I use cloth dishrags instead of paper towel for drying dishes.
  • I do not use a water cooler or use any other type of bottled water.
  • If my office is not provided with a compost bin, there is one in our kitchen/break room which I or a few of our faculty/staff members take responsibility for emptying into the bins on main campus.