Green Office Program

Welcome to the Events Module of UWinnipeg's Green Office Program!

Please use the tips and resources below to help green your office's with respect to events. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Campus Sustainability Office. Someone from Diversity Food Services would also be happy to help you with any questions about their sustainability practices, or with requests for catering.

  • I bring a reusable mug to meetings when beverages are being served.
  • When I book events and meetings where refreshments are being served, I request the use of reusable dishware and utensils. If this is not possible, I request attendees bring their own reusable dish. When those options are unavailable, I order compostable dishes and a compost bin. 
  • When I order catering, I endeavor to order food from companies which source local, organic, ethically raised foods- a great example being our own Diversity Food Services
  • Instead of making posters to promote events, I send notices out to the campus community electronically.
  • I arrange to have appropriate recycling and compost bins set up and serviced when I organize an event that may require extra bins.
  • Events I host are completely waste-free. This means no waste (packaging, food, supplies, etc) is produced.