Green Office Program

Welcome to the Energy Module for UWinnipeg's Green Office Program!

Please use the tips and resources provided to improve your office's energy use! Step-by-step guidelines for Windows and Mac computers are provided below. If you need further assistance, please contact the Technology Service Desk or the Campus Sustainability Office.

  • I manually shut off my monitor when I am not using the computer, even for small amounts of time. 
  • My computer is formatted to go into energy-saving mode, standby, or hibernation mode if I do not use it for more than 10 minutes. [Windows or Mac]
  • I manually turn off the power to my computer when I go home at night, and turn off the power-bar to prevent "phantom power" from being wasted. [Windows or Mac]
  • I press the "Energy Saver" button on the printer/photocopier machine for energy saving mode.
  • If i have windows in my office, I utilize natural light to light my office as an alternative to electricity.
  • I turn off all lights in rooms that are not occupied. When changing a light bulb I choose CFL's or LED's and promote the installation of motion sensor lighting when possible.
  • I unplug small and/or infrequently used appliances, such as coffee makers, stereos and phone chargers, when they are not in use.
  • Energy conservation prompts, provided by the Campus Sustainability Office, are posted on light switches, desktop computers and plug-in appliances in my office.
  • I use a power bar as a plug-in source and turn it off at the end of the day.