Compost, Recycling, and Waste

Green Office Program

Welcome to the Compost, Recycling and Waste Module of UWinnipeg's Green Office Program!

Please use the tips and resources below to help green your office's compost, recycling and waste habits! Please don't hesitate to contact the Campus Sustainability Office if you need assistance or have questions, or the Technology Service Desk if you need assistance with troubleshooting your computer.

  • I print and photocopy on both sides of the paper. Double-sided printing is set as the default for my office printer and computer. [Windows or Mac]
  • I collect one-sided paper in a designated box in my office, and I use it as scrap paper for notes.
  • I save and reuse items like envelopes, file folders, and paper clips for mail and office documents.
  • I utilize the recycling and compost bins properly and always avoid sending waste to the landfill. [Waste cheat sheet - PDF]
  • I recycle inkjet and laser jet cartridges.
  • I have a desk-side recycling bin that I empty regularly into a central recycling bin.
  • When I was responsible for finding office furniture this year, I found something used rather than buying new. [UWinnipeg surplus furniture inventory]
  • I contacted those who send me paper mail to request electronic versions of their correspondence (i.e. pay statements, etc.)
  • I dispose of my batteries and cell phones in the Call2Recycle battery and cell phone recycling bin. If I didn't know where one was located, I contacted the Campus Sustainability Office to find out.
  • I bring larger broken laptop computers to Powerland for their staff to either refurbish, or reuse its parts.
  • I use student-professor online communications by asking my students to submit their assignments through email instead of printing them out. I post lectures, notes, readings, and the syllabus on Nexus to avoid hand outs. [Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology]