Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute Grants

Wed. Sep. 2, 2015

As a member institution of the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute faculty and students from the University of Winnipeg are eligible to apply for the Shastri Student Internship Project in Aid (SSIP in Aid) 2015-16 which have an external deadline of Thursday, October 15, 2015.

Student Grants

Shastri Student Internship Project in Aid - $2,000

Both undergraduate and graduate students from SICI’s Canadian Member Institutions are eligible to apply. The SSIP in Aid grant supports eligible students to pursue a short term training/course study/research in an Indian university (preferably SICI’s Indian Member Institutions). The study areas could be in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), Humanities, Social Sciences and Business Studies disciplines.

Key objectives of SSIP are to:

  • Promote knowledge enhancement, sharing, networking and international exposure of students;
  • Support first hand overseas training or research capacities of student researchers;
  • Enhance the international mobility of Canadian students

Shastri Scholar Travel Subsidy Grant - $1,000

The Shastri Scholar Travel Subsidy Grant assists faculty members, including graduate and post graduate students with travel subsidies to participate in conferences, workshops, seminars and academic meetings in India with a view to establishing institutional and scholarly linkages. The objectives of SSTSG projects are to promote the mobility of scholars between India and Canada, to initiate or strengthen Canada-India knowledge exchange and partnerships, which support education cooperation between the two countries.

Graduate student applicants are asked to forward applications to Deanna England ( by October 5th for internal review.