Call for Papers - 8th Annual UBCO Interdisciplinary Graduate Students’ Conference

Fri. Jan. 13, 2017

8th Annual UBCO Interdisciplinary Graduate Students’ Conference
“Critical Perspectives on Wellness: Holistic Health and Well-Being”
Call for Papers / Submissions
When: May 4-6, 2017
Where: The University of British Columbia Okanagan, Kelowna, BC, Canada

The IGS Conference Committee invites multidisciplinary perspectives on health and wellness, related to mental, physical, social and cultural well-being. Wellness is characterized as a theoretical framework that views individuals and the environment from a holistic perspective.

Possible topics for the conference include, but are not limited to: 1) the physical environment, and the impact of humans on ecological wellness (or vice versa); 2) the personal experience of well-being in terms of mental health and addiction; 3) physical wellness, including disease management and preventative health care; 4) well-being from a social or cultural perspective, which could include how wellness relates to gender, sexuality and health inequalities; and 5) Indigenous and spiritual perspectives on health and wellness.

It is our goal to engage in an interdisciplinary examination of this topic, and so we invite proposals from across disciplines. We emphasize critical engagements with holistic health that can offer new perspectives on human, nonhuman and environmental wellness. We welcome projects from researchers, artists and experimenters engaged with any aspect of wellness, and different experiences of well-being. 

Please submit a 250 word proposal abstract and 50-100 word bio. Proposal may include links to portfolios of images or video for further illustration.

Deadline: February 17th by 11:59 PM. Send submissions to:

The venue will be the UBC Okanagan campus, located on unceded Syilx territory. This venue includes diverse opportunities to present and/or perform in lecture halls or outdoors including hiking trails and amphitheatres. In addition, artists can present their visual work and research in the FINA Gallery, a dedicated exhibition space on campus. 

This conference is open to diverse participants from all communities, and includes academic and non-academic fields.